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Spectrum provides unparalleled log filtering for developers. Put away your print statements and make logging useful for YOU, not just your ops team.

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Why Spectrum?

We built Spectrum to solve a problem we were having at REVSYS while developing software. No good tools existed for filtering our app's logs when we were working locally. We wanted more visibility into our code, but the verbose logs we were generating made it nearly impossible to find the signal in all the noise.

Spectrum takes your normal application logs and makes them actually useful. Spectrum gives your developers an unparalleled ability to show or hide exactly the logs you need to see at any given moment.

If you're interested in the whole story, check out our post on Why I Built Spectrum?

Quick Overview

Spectrum is a desktop application for OS X, Windows, and Linux that consumes and filters your app's logs. It's language agnostic so useful to all developers.

The tl;dr version for the impatient are these 3 steps:
  1. Setup one or more streams of logs via a REST API, syslog, or tailing files
  2. Configure your application to send logs to these streams at the most verbose levels
  3. Filter (aka show/hide) logs based on stream and two other levels (aka syslog facility and level) as you work

Viewing all of your logs, or as we like to call it the firehose doesn't work terribly well. The signal to noise ratio is very very low. With Spectrum's easy ability to show and hide the type(s) of logging you want to see at any given moment brings the signal to the front.

With just a couple of clicks you can go from light overview INFO level to your most verbose level. Without reconfiguring or losing any log details along the way.

Send logs in multiple ways

Spectrum can ingest your full firehose of logging data locally via:

  • syslog
  • Tail local files
  • Tail remote files over ssh


No matter which stream a log entry comes in on, each line is associated with a "level" and "sub-level". For a syslog stream this is the syslog facility and level, but can be any arbitrary segmentation you configure.

Using simple controls you can then show/hide any combination of stream, level, and/or sub-level to quickly see exactly what you need to be seeing. For example, here is how you show and hide all 'EMERGENCY' level messages:

Fine Grained Filtering

Or we can choose to filter things more granularly by expanding a level to show sub-level filtering options:

Focus in on what matters

With our unique "solo" feature we can limit the visible logs to just the logs you wish to see at that moment:

Demo Video

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Our only interest is in helping you make better software. If for ANY reason you are not happy with Spectrum we offer a 90-day unconditional money back guarantee. We promise you will not be disappointed!

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