Spectrum Features

Here are some of the most used features of Spectrum with examples of how they are typically used.


No matter which stream a log entry comes in on, each line is associated with a "level" and "sub-level". For a syslog stream this is the syslog facility and level, but can be any arbitrary segmentation you configure.

Using simple controls you can then show/hide any combination of stream, level, and/or sub-level to quickly see exactly what you need to be seeing. For example, here is how you show and hide all 'EMERGENCY' level messages:

Filtering Animated

More Granular Filtering

While you can certainly use the ability to show/hide your logs by Level, you can also filter by SubLevel. Simply expand the Level in the sidebar to show you the SubLevels and available and just toggle the SubLevels you want to hide. 

Here we'll show/hide the LOCAL0 (in blue) SubLevel of the WARNING Level, like this: 

SubLevel Filtering - Animated

Soloing - Focus in on what matters

It's easy to have a bunch of noise in your application logs especially as your apps get more complex over time. You can quickly focus in on what matters in Spectrum by using the 'solo' feature.  Simply choose 'Solo' from a Level or SubLevel by right clicking and Spectrum will hide ALL of the other logs and just show you want you are wanting to focus on.  Like this:

Solo - Animated

To quickly see everything again you can then choose 'Show All' in a Stream by right clicking the Stream itself.  Or you can slowly add in more Levels and SubLevels depending on what you need to see. 

Hide date and time

Dates and times mean are crucial when digging through your production operation logs, but are often unnecessary when working locally. So you can of course get rid of them, like this: 

Hide Date Time Animated

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